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Freeride Session


Powder boarding is on of the purest form of riding snow. Riding on Powder feels utterly different from sliding down groomed pistes. To love the soft and fluffy stuff, you’ll need to learn to relax and ride in a whole new way. The most important rule is to get up early in order to be the there when the lifts open. Surfing in fresh snow means to feel the lightness of your snowboard sinking into the soft snow, in the enchanted silence of the deserted mountain. Fabulous feelings of freedom are waiting for you!

If you are already an expert snowboarder, surfing off-piste requires not only a fairly good technique, but also the knowledge of the mountain and its safety regulations. Cortina offers the most spectacular panoramic views in the Alps and the most challenging slopes in the Dolomites and you can discover all this and others secret spots with our instructors.