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Ski and snowboard clinic

In our laboratory we prepare skis and snowboards to be always perfect . Our laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated machinery for the repair and preparation of the ski and snowboard: perfectly tuned edges, a smooth, waxed base and a structured finish to give you the safety and comfort you deserve during your vacation.
You will find our experts ski man that will satisfy even the most demanding customers with race preparations. Why do the service? Sharp edges makes skiing easier, thanks to the fluidity and good grip on snow, so your sense of control is greater in more difficult snow conditions.
We recommend that you service your ski or snowboard at the beginning and at the end of the season, if you feel difficulty turning on icy slopes and less control or you loss in speed.

Laboratorio sciolina

We use Swix wax. Swix is one of the most used wax lines in World Cup competition. They offer a wide variety of high quality, high performance wax for all types of conditions.

Settaggi personalizzati

We set your ski or snowboard bindings based on your weight and height.

Laboratorio sciolina

Need service? We can help choose the right service to do whether you have one ski that needs to be fast in all conditions or you have a quiver of skis for different conditions.

Bonding and repair

If you run into problems with your equipment during your vacation, we will be happy to help you. We perform a multitude of repairs that are normally ready the next day.

  • bonding
  • ski and snowboard patching
  • edge repairing
  • slider, straps and general parts of snowboard bindings
  • professional mounting bindings
  • Boa o Speed Zone laces




  • Waxing



  • Edge sharpening


  • Edge sharpening
  • Waxing


  • Base repair
  • Edge sharpening
  • Waxing
  • Bindings check