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Where to eat

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The Ampezzo cuisine is influenced by the Austro-Hungarian culinary tradition. Many dishes mantein the ooriginal german name.
Chenedi and casunziei are very famous. The first ones are balls of breadcrumbs with bacon, cheese or spinach, served with hot broth or butter, while the second ones are half-moon ravioli stuffed with beetroot served with butter and poppy seeds.
From the Habsburg tradition comes the soup spicy meat, the Goulash Suppe.
Among the most famous side dishes, ampezzana potatoes: fried potatoes with bacon and onion.
Typical desserts: apple pie (in german Apfelstrudel), the fartaies, the krapfen with cream or apricot jam, the nighele (small donuts without filling) and the Sacher torte, typical Austrian pastries.




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