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Ski and snowboard rental

Boarderline has all the latest equipment for you to play with.
All of our boots are conformable to your feet with body temp, and we always put them through an antibactierial process to keep them clean inside.
All of our rental gear is new every year, boots, boards, and skis. It’s the same stuff you’ll find in our store, always tuned to the moon, that way you can try before you buy!
Come in and get a personal rental set up! We aslo rent Ipod adaptable helmets, GoPro, knee, wrist, and hip protection so you can rage with security.
We want your days ripping to be the best they can be, so we are completely committed to giving you the best rental gear possible, just like it’s yours!

By renting the equipment online you can always get a discount minimum of 20% and in some periods of the year the discount reaches -50%. The prices are unbeatable because there aren’t agencies or brokers.
Book directy online, NO extra costs: the choice for an economically sustainable, affordable, authentic and quality turism