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Freestyle course

Freesyle snowboard course

Freesyle snowboard course

This course of 2 days for 3 hours each will take you through your first steps into freestyle or if you already hit rails, boxes and kickers we will help to move on next level with new tricks!

Whether you have been riding for a while or just a short time, as long as you can happily surf down the slope, this course is for you. We believe that, to learn and get the most from your snowboarding you need to feel relaxed, so we provide an open and friendly environment where your skills will flourish. You will be in a group of people of the same ability.

If it’s your first time at the snowpark Boarderline’s instructors, specialized in freestyle, will start with teaching good technique for freestyle, such as stance and posture, progressing to flatland maneuvers. You will will play on a small rail or box and then you will move on to kickers, taking to the air with some straight airs.

Dependent on individual needs and goals, you will progress, taking your freestyle skills to the next level, also how to pop and as many grabs as possible and then if its all going well look at some 180′s.

Boarderline’s instructors aim to give feedback on every run you take on our courses to maximize your progression, they will use video analysis to give constructive feedback.