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Morning course

We offer two courses during the morning:Morning snowboard course in Cortina

Morning course from 9,00 a.m. to 12,50 p.m.
Boarderline’s shuttle will pick you up from your home or hotel and you’ll go with your instructor and your new friends on the slopes. This means that you don’t have to worry about the car, the parking or if in the night has snowed; the only thing that you have to do is breakfast.
9 a.m. is the best time to go on the slopes because they are still empty and you can be the first to enjoy slopes on a powder day.
This course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert levels.
During the morning there’s a break for refill energies. This time of rest is usefull also because videos made on the slopes are shown. The instructor will correct your riding.
We can discover together all the 140 km slopes spread below the peaks of Monte Cristallo and Tofane, which are a joy to behold.

Snowboard morning courseMorning course from 10,00 a.m. to 1,00 p.m.
This course is perfect for those who want to sleep more.
A course could be a great way to make new friends and have fun with them. Everyone is in together, for the same reason the next person is: to improve their riding and to meet new friends that share a passion for one exhilarating and enjoyable sport.
This course is the perfect balance between improvement lessons and holiday time.
Expert level will approach freestyle.