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Beginners course



Beginners course from 10,30 a.m. to 12,30 p.m.

This course is designed specifically for beginners. We consider age and personal skills to make balanced groups. They have a limited number of participants, this allows the instructor to monitor each snowboarder appropriately.

This course is a perfect starting point to get a feel for the slopes and to get you used to have both feet secured to one board. You’ll be in safe hands with our qualified instructors, who will help you to build a solid base technique with all safety rules and tips you need.

Beginners course from 10,30 a.m. to 12,30 p.m. rental included

The special price of this course for beginners includes lessons and the rental of the equipment, i.e. snowboard, boots, wristguards and kneepad.

If words like goofy, regular, fakie and others mean nothing to you, don’t worry… this course is the answer for you.

More over you save 15% of money.

This course includes:

  • 6 days of lessons
  • snowboard
  • boots
  • wristguards
  • kneepad