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Al Camin

A well-appointed and friendly restaurant not far from the centre, on the road leading up to Passo Tre Croci and Misurina.
The sun terrace, with its 30 dining places, offers enchanting views over Cortina and the Tofana mountain group behind.
Here you will find genuine cooking to relish and a true family atmosphere in which to wind down.

Phone: +39 0436 862010
Web: www.ristorantealcamin.it
Mail: info@ristorantealcamin.it

Baita Piè Tofana

The restaurant Baita Piè Tofana is located at the start of the chairlifts of the Tofana, 5km away from the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo.
The hut is run by the owners Eddy, in the kitchen and Wolly, who deals with guests.
The cuisine includes local dishes and more.

Phone: +39 0436 4258
Web: www.baitapietofana.it
Mail: pietofanarist@virgilio.it

Baita Fraina

The highly esteemed restaurant offers courteous and refined service second to none.
The restaurant is managed by two brothers; the older, Adolfo Menardi, who administers the family business, greets diners and takes them to their table, while the younger brother, Alessandro, is head chef and orchestrates the kitchen. Their wives, Anna and Tiziana, are responsible for the refined service and the great attention to detail which distinguishes the  dining rooms.

Phone: +39 0436 3634
Web: www.baitafraina.it
Mail: info@baitafraina.it

Chalet Lago Antorno

The importance of the kitchen in the Chalet Lake Antorno is absolute. The guests can taste specialities of the Dolomites.

Phone: +39 0435 39148
Web: www.lagoantorno.it
Mail: info@lagoantorno.it

Da Aurelio

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of da Aurelio and appreciate the splendor of the glorious Dolomite scenery. The specialities are regional and creative dishes, with influences from the Alto Adige and Veneto. The ingredients are always fresh and presentation is simple and elegant.

Phone: +39 0437 720118
Web: www.da-aurelio.it
Mail: infodaaurelio@gmail.com

Da Beppe Sello

The restaurant has a large dining room and a smaller, more intimate room. Our menu features a varied selection both of local specialities and sophisticated dishes to please even the most refined palates. To complement your meal we have a rich wine list with labels from many Italian regions and also from abroad.

Phone: +39 0436 3236
Web: www.beppesello.it
Mail: info@beppesello.it

El Zoco

The restaurant where you can find fine food, in a relaxed atmosphere, but with attention to every detail. The accurately selected primary products are transformed into dishes which will satisfy the most sophisticated palates. The rich wine list permits to choose the most indicated for your culinary choices. The owner, Nicolò Zardini “Zòco”, is always glad to suggest the right wine for every circumstance.

Phone: +39 0436 860041
Web: www.elzoco.it
Mail: elzoco@tiscali.it

Il Meloncino al Camineto

“Il Meloncino al Camineto” is the name of the refined restaurant, at feet of Tofana Mount.
The first thing you will notice is the hospitality and the courtesy of the owners and of the staff alike.
Then you will be enwrapped by the atmosphere of the warm, tasteful furniture.
Beside the traditional dishes of the Ampezzo valley and the classic ones of the house, our customers may taste some “digressions” which are anything but mountain specialities.

Phone: +39 0436 4432
Web: www.ilmeloncino.it
Mail: info@ilmeloncino.it

Il Vizietto di Cortina

Restaurant to be considered as a small culinary monument in the middle of one of Italy’s most beautiful mountain resorts, a magnet for international celebrities who use this important bridge to celebrate the stars from all over the world.
The restaurant is spread following these high-level fees, the service and food are impeccable, everything revolves around the high-quality raw materials, sought to support the creation of the dishes of our Chef, obliging them to make the recipes haute cuisine, tasty, a team of professionals from the engine room (kitchen) churn out dishes that are small masterpieces of art, almost a shame to eat them.

Phone: +39 0436 860789
Web: www.ilviziettodicortina.it
Mail: info@ilviziettodicortina.com

Leone e Anna

The restaurant in Cortina offers traditional Sardinian cuisine, Leone & Anna is a must for gourmets.

Phone: +39 0436 2768
Web: www.leoneanna.it
Mail: leoneeanna@gmail.com

Lago Scin

In the heart of the Dolomite mountains, on the shore of mountain lake lies the Lago Scin Restaurant, housed in a cozy alpine atmosphere with elegant wooden furniture that transmit heat.

Phone: +39 0436 2391
Web: www.lagoscinristorante.com
Mail: carlo.festini.cucco@alice.it

Lago Ghedina

Just 3 km from the center of Cortina D’Ampezzo, surrounded by a lush forest, there’s one of the most beautiful alpine lakes of the panorama of the Dolomites, Lake Ghedina.

Phone: +39 0436 860876
Mail: lagoghedina@tiscali.it

Lp 26 Prosciuterria

In the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo, it’s also a “Wine Bar” and a “Cocktail Bar”. An ideal meeting place where the guests can spend the whole evening from the aperitif to after dinner and cocktails.

Phone: +39 0436 862284
Web: www.dallava.com
Mail: dokcortina@dallava.com


In this restaurant, located 12km from the center of Cortina, guests will find a mix of elegance and tradition. Perfect for any occasion, from a romantic dinner to group events, the restaurant will offer the most suitable solution for every eventuality.

Phone: +39 0436 4585
Web: www.ristoranteospitale.com
Mail: info@ristoranteospitale.it

Ra Stua

Intimate, exclusive, beautiful restaurant.
The guests can enjoy the grilled meat or bone steak.

Phone: +39 0436 868341
Web: www.rastuacortina.it
Mail: ristoranterastua1@libero.it

Rio Gere

The family takes care of all the details of: starting from the kitchen to discover scents and traditional flavors revisited in a wide variety of new proposals, and then get in the comfortable and warm environment of the room.

Phone: +39 0436 3434
Web: www.ristoranteriogere.it
Mail: ristorante.riogere@dolomiti.org

Refuge Capanna Tondi

Historic refuge in Cortina d’Ampezzo Verzi run by the family for over 70 years. The renowned Rifugio Capanna Tondi, is located on Mount Faloria arrival Vitelli chairlift. The decor is simple and well-maintained wood-paneled as becomes mountain huts and tradition Ampezzo, with a wonderful stove in Tyrolean style in a dining room and a stone fireplace in the other.
The kitchen is very careful and refined and offers traditional local and beyond, with a focus on the choice of raw materials.

Phone: +39 0436 5775
Cell: +39 338 3333585
Web: www.rifugiocapannatondi.it
Mail: info@rifugiocapannatondi.it


The Tivoli restaurant offers a menu that takes into account the large variety of specialities: Lamon beans, mushrooms of Cadore, lamb dell’Alpago, fresh fish from Venice and Chioggia.

Phone: +39 0436 866400
Web: www.ristorantetivolicortina.it
Mail: info@ristorantetivoli.it


In 1964, the owner of an old bar had the idea to transform it in Ampezzo-style (this is the meaning of Toulà word) in a warm and welcoming restaurant.

Phone: +39 04363339
Web: www.toula.it
Mail: cortina@toula.it

Villa Oretta

The restaurant is a typical place for everyone who wants to taste italian food with some original venetian specialities.
The restaurant has inside two elegant dining-rooms each one with large windows that gives an overwhelming view of Cortina.
Outside there is a large sheltered terrace, idea for carefree lunches.

Phone: +39 0436 866741
Web: www.villaoretta.com
Mail: info@villaoretta.com

San Brite

In local Ampezzo dialect, “san” means healthy and the name was chosen to reflect the idea of a healthy farm house with a traditional kitchen, like that of the Gaspari Family, purveyors of local food traditions in Cortina since 2004.
San Brite, the agri-restaurant, is located in a restored barn attached to the Piccolo Brite cheese shop. Cheeses, meats, and vegetables from own production, acquire new shapes and flavours in the hands of chef Riccardo Gaspari.

Phone: +39 0436 863882
Web: www.sanbrite.it
Mail: info@sanbrite.it

San Brite Cortina d'Ampezzo

Dolomiti Lodge Alverà

From the experience of the Alverà brothers, an enogastronomic journey to discover the flavors of traditional Ampezzo cuisine revisited with the most refined culinary techniques and enhanced by a choice of excellent regional and national raw materials.

Phone: +39 0436 4335
Web: www.dolomitilodge.eu
Mail: info@dolomitilodge.eu

Dolomiti Lodge Alverà